Transmissions   Price: Staring @ $695.00

Send us or bring in your broken or worn out swingaxle or IRS transmission, and we will disassemble, clean & inspect all gears & components before we rebuild it. 

We also need transmission cores, so if you send in any extra cores, we will take more money off your rebuilt tranny.We accept '65 & later swingaxle, IRS, and Bus IRS cores for trade in us for details!! 

Each transmission is disassembled, cleaned and thoroughly inspected before we reassemble to our high standards. 
All the gears are bead blasted and thoroughly inspected, then we will rebuild each tranny with all New Syncro Rings,Gaskets and Seals. 
After gears are installed into the carrier, it is set up in our VW factory tranny jig for proper shiftrod adjustments.Then after case is cleaned and painted flat black or any Krylon color you want,it is then assembled and ready to ship or picked up at our facility here in So. Oregon...(No sales tax!!). 

We also do repairs, installations, and upgrades to your transmission as well,and we 
can change gear ratios and beef up your transmission to suit your needs. 

STOCK REBUILD......$695.00 Exchange 

FREEWAY~FLYER......$895.00 Exchange

4:12 with a taller 4th gear. 

3:88 Ring & Pinion,with the new .82 taller 4th gear (welded to hub) for lowered rpm's at higher than normal freeway speeds... 

SUPER~STREET Performance Transmission......$945.00 EX. 
Rebuilt 4.12 ring and pinion w/ Super-Diff, 4 spider gears, welded 3rd & 4th gears for extra holding strength and a HD aluminum side cover on ring gear side for extra holding power. 
*PERFECT tranny for any street car with a performance engine.(1776~2275) 

Super~Street-Freeway~Flyer......$1,145.00 EX. 
Same as above but with 4:12 Ring & Pinion & .82 taller 4th gear welded to hub 

Super~Street Ultimate Freeway Flyer....$1,495.00 EX. 
Same -as -above but with the taller 3:88 Ring & Pinion 

PRO~STREET/STAGE I......$1,395.00 EX. 
Same-as Super~Street but we install performance close ratio 3rd & 4th gears, 
to make your Bug even quicker!! (Not good for freeway driving ) 

PRO~STREET STAGE II......$2,195.00 EX. 
Same-as-above but we install a Performance Weddle mainshaft (1st & 2nd) to turn your street car into a street & strip car! Really improves you 1/8 & 1/4 times!! 

TURBO~STREET STAGE I......$3,195.00 EX.
Same-as-above but with Weddle Race quality mainshaft, & HD 
3rd & 4th Race gears & hubs, Chromoly pinion nut/retainer,new 3:88 R&P, 
091 mainshaft bearing, and more!! 

STOCK REBUILT 002 BUS TRANNY ('68~'74)......$795.00 EX.

Deluxe 002 Freeway Flyer  Bus tranny ('68~'74) .........$1,445.00 EX

STOCK REBUILT 091 BUS TRANNYS ('71~'79).....$945.00 EX.

SUPER~SAND 002......$1,245.00 EX.

PRO~SAND 002......$1,595.00 EX.
INCLUDES: Same-as above but with a SUPER DIFF,& 4 SPIDER GEARS for extra STRENGTH & DURABILITY!! 
We also build stock application & heavy offroad 091 IRS trannys.(Call or email)  
CORE CHARGE ON BUG type 1 IRS...$250.00 -Swing axle type 1...$300.00

BUS 3 rib $350.00 
091 5 rib - Unavailable

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6760 North Applegate Rd. Grants Pass OR 97527