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New stock Turnkeys w/stock carbs

~1600cc         $3799.00

~1641cc         $3849.00

~1776cc         $4019.00

~1835cc         $4045.00

~1915cc        $4070.00


*same as above but includes 100-110 cam & 34 epc carbs*

~1600cc         $3999.00

~1641cc         $4049.00

~1776cc         $4209.00

~1835cc         $4234.00

~1915cc         $4259.00

 Super Street

~1641cc  w/dual 34epc(empi) carbs                             $4335.00

~1776,1835,1915cc  w/dual 34 epc carbs                    $4479.00

~1776,1835,1915cc  w/ dual 40 or 44 hpmx carbs    $4729.00

~1776,1835,1915cc  w/dual 40 ro 44 idf webers       $5199.00

 Stroker super street

Super~Street 'STROKER' Turnkey's, same as above but we ad:
***New Heavy Duty Aluminum Bubble-Top, "SUPER~CASE",filled in behind #3 Cylinder for extra strength,Shuffle Pinned,Full-Flowed,4340 Chromoly Stroker Crank,Balanced Stroker Rods,044 Heads,& Balanced Stroker Piston Kit...
SS 2110-2275 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,259.00 (140-150 HP)
SS 2332 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,329.00 (158+ HP)
SS 2387 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,450.00 (165 HP)

*option w/dual 44 idf webers add $370.00

*dual 48 epc (empi) carbs add $425.00

*dual 48 idf webers carbs add $1000.00
******Some of our OPTIONS & Upgrades available****** 
* 4 Pc. Engine Tin Kit...+$100.00 
* GT 2 Tip Exhaust+$89.00 
* Single Quiet Pack Exhaust...$105.00 
* Dual Quiet Pack Exhaust...$184.00 
***New Dansk Heater Box assemblies complete...$367.00*** 
*Merged Exhaust for more performance also available 
***Many Exhaust Options Available,Fat Boy,A-I,Ceramic Coated,Etc.,...Ask!!***
* New Stock Clutch Kit/Installed...+$125.00 
* Kennedy 1700# Clutch Kit...+$189.00 ~The Best for this application & Driveabilty 
* German Release Bearing...+$45.00 
* Pertronix Electronic Unit...+$95.00 OR... 
* Pertronix Electronic Ignition Distributor...+$150.00 
* 1 1/2 Qt.Deep Sump...+$75.00 
* Full-Flow Case & Oil Pump w/Fittings & Cover...+$75.00 OR... 
* Filtered Oil Pump w/Filter...+$60.00 
* Chromoly 13 LB. Balanced Flywheel...+$85.00 
* High-Rev Single Valve Springs...+$25.00 
* Dual Valve Springs & Chromoly Retainers...+$90.00 
* High-Performance Aluminum Push Rod Tubes...+$40.00 
* Billet Hex Bar Linkage & Air Filter Kit (CB Perf.)...+$75.00 
...Installation Available by appointment only... 
***Too Many Options Available,so if you don't see what you want,just ask!!***
Transmission Specials Also Available...(If purchased with a turnkey engine we'll knock $50.00's off the tranny)
SUPER~STREET Tranny to match this Turn Key will cost you... 
$925.00 Exchange w/your rebuildable core.

Brand New~Zero Mile 1776/1915 SS Turn Key Engines Include: 
(Note: 1776 makes 90 hp & 1915 makes 100+hp as listed below)
*NEW HD Aluminum Case 
*NEW 8mm or 10mm CHROMOLY head stud and nut kit 
*NEW High Pressure Oil Relief Valves,Springs,and Plungers,hand-polished 
*NEW 69mm Counterweighted Crankshaft 8-dowel 
*NEW I-Beam balanced 5.4 Rods 
*NEW Main,Rod,& Double-Thrust Cam Bearings (Heavy Duty-STEEL BACKED) 
*NEW Performance Camshaft (Engle/Scat) Aluminum Bolt-On-Gear 
*NEW Light Weight HD Lifters 
*NEW Lightened Flywheel (8-Dowel) & Chromoly Gland Nut 
*NEW Crank Gear Kit,Including Distributor Drive Gear 
*NEW Shadek 30mm High Volume Oil Pump and cover 
*NEW Steel Pushrods and tubes 
*NEW Graphite Coated A&A Piston Kit/Balanced 
*NEW 044 Heads Complete,Hand-Lapped SS Valves 
*NEW Solid Rocker Shaft Kit w/Swivel Foot Adjusters 
*NEW Oil Plate & Screen 
*NEW Shroud and Cylinder Tins (black w/ or w/o heater vents...Specify) 
*NEW Doghouse Cooler Kit (Keeps engine cooler,and lasts longer) 
*NEW Alternator kit (51amp) 
*NEW Fan...(Welded & Balanced Fans Available for +$50.00 
*Aluminum Oil Filler w/Screw Cap 
*Degree Pulley w/Chrome Bolt 
*NEW 09 Distributor 
*NEW 7mm Yellow/Red/or Blue Silicone wires 
*Bosch blue coil 
*NEW mechanical Fuel Pump or Block-Off Plate, so you can run an external electric fuel pump. 
*NEW Chrome Dipstick and Distributor Clamp 
*NEW EMPI hpmx Dual 40 or 44mm Carburetion that have been proven to work great for over 6 years on our own Daily-Driven VW's...(WEBER carburetion is an option if you want them instead...No Problem!)
12 MONTH~ 12,000 MILE WRITTEN WARRANTY on all of these zero mile engines, @ no extra charge!!

If there isn't a motor you see here on the list feel free to call us and see how we can fill your VW needs!