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Since 1984, Strictly Foreign has been a quality transmission builder. We take great pride in building the right transmision for your application and needs. Call our experts today so we can custom build you a transmission to suit your gearing and performance needs.

Note: All Transmission are sold exchange, so if you do not send us your core a core charge of $250.00 to transmission pricing.

Econo-Street Transmission:
Includes: Pressure Wash and Paint, All new syncro rings, new main shaft bearing, new gaskets and seals. Set up in our factory VW jig for positive shifting.

Econo Street Swing Axle: $595.00 Ex.
Econo Street IRS: $595.00 Ex.

Freeway Flyer Transmission:
This transmission has a geared higher .82 4th gear for for freeway speeds and keeping RPM's the rpm's down. This will increase your gas mileage on those long drives.

Freeway Flyer Swing Axle: $795.00 Ex.
Freeway Flyer IRS: $795.00 Ex.

Super Street Transmission:
These transmission's were designed to work with our performance Turn Key Engines. Each unit is built with a stronger "Super" differential, 4 spider gears, stronger side cover and non-slip welded 3rd and 4th gears. We also install steel shift forks and hardened keys.

Super Street Swing Axle: $845.00 Ex.
Super Street IRS: $845.00 Ex.

Super Street Freeway Flyer Transmission:
Same as our "Super Street" but we install a taller .82 4th gear to lower rpm's @ freeway speeds.

Super Street Swing Axle: $1,045.00 Ex.
Super Street IRS: $1,045.00 Ex.

Pro-Street Transmission:
This transmission was designed for the more serious street-strip racer. We build it like the super street but we've added chromoly pinion nut/retainer for extra strength at the pinion gear. We also added close ratio 3rd and 4th gears to lower 1/4 times and get you to the finish line quicker! This transmission will also work great on the street, but will not do well on the freeway for long distances.

Pro Street Swing Axle: $1,225.00 Ex.
Pro Street IRS: $1,225.00 Ex.

Turbo Street Transmission:
This transmission is our Pro-Street with a heavy duty racing main shaft. This transmission will definitely help you to eat up the V-8 cars from stop light to stop light!

Turbo Street Swing Axle: $3,095.00 Ex.
Turbo Street IRS: $3,095.00 Ex.

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