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My engine is perfect. Thanks for getting it out to me right away. I will always highly recommend your company.

Hap Veritch
Huntington Beach, Ca.



New Stock & Econo ~ Street Turnkey Engines

Brand New Zero Mile Turnkey's Sold Outright ~ "No Core Hassles"

We custom build each engine to each customers wants and needs. We are not a mass production company, so we take great pride and care in everything we do. Each engine is built to give many years of reliable performance for your Vee Dubb.If your not sure what size & options will work best for you, call for expert technical advice to help you make the right decision the first time.

Each Engine Includes:
New dual relief case and hardware kit, new 69mm crank, bearings an gears. Rebuilt 5.4 VW balanced rods, new cam and lifters, new pistons an cylinders, new dual port heads, new steel push rods, rebuilt VW rocker assemblies, new push rod tubes, new valve covers, new flywheel and gland nut, new gaskets and seals, new oil screen and plate, new Shadek oil pump and cover, new doghouse oil cooler and stand, new shroud and cylinder tins, new alternator kit, new 34 PICT/Solex carb and manifold kit, new 09 distributor and plug wires, new Bosch coil, new Bosch spark plugs, new fuel pump assembly, new aluminum degree pulley, new aluminum oil filter and chrome air filter.

Assembled and ready for installation:

Each engine is hot run tested and tuned on our test stand for over 45 minutes. Ensuring a high quality standard on every engine we build.

New 1600 Stock ~ Turnkey - $3,699.00
New 1641 Stock ~ Turnkey - $3,749.00
New 1776 Stock ~ Turnkey - $3,909.00

Same as above with the following performance upgrade's:

100 Cam, Dual 34EPC Carbs

New 1600 Econo ~ Street Turnkey- $3,874.00
New 1641 Econo ~ Street Turnkey- $3,924.00
New 1776 Econo ~ Street Turnkey- $4,084.00

Chrome shroud and tins + $25.00
New Engle cam and aluminum gear + $65.00
4 pc tin kit, 2 doghouse scoops, front and rear tins + $65.00
Chrome 4 pc tin kit, 2 doghouse scoops, front and rear tins + $80.00
Heavy duty oil pump w/BMW filter + $50.00 (will not work with stock muffler)
New clutch kit (stock F&S) + $110.00
German Release Bearing +$45.00


New Super Street Turnkey's

Check out our "Super Street" turnkey engines that we've featured in Hot VW's since 1999.

These popular street engines have performance and reliability built right in. With many options available, we can customize any of our engines to fit your application and needs.

Each turnkey engine is "hot run tested" on our tuning stand for over 45 minutes. This process seats in the valves, cam and lifters. We then re-adjust the valves, set the timing, jet and synchronize the carburetors and linkage. Ready for your installation.

Note: If you have a sandrail ask about our sand prepped turnkey packages.

New as-41 Dual relief case, new 042 heads with 40X35.5 stainless valves, 3 angle performance valve job, high rev single springs, new hardware kit, chromoly head stud kit, new 69mm 8 dowel counterweight crank, new 13lb. lightened flywheel, chromoly gland nut, rebuilt VW rods, new crank gear kit, new main, rod and double thrust cam bearings, new Engle cam and lifters, new balanced piston kit with Grant heavy duty rings, new solid shafts w/swivel foot adjusters, new push rod tubes, new oil screen and sump plate, new Shadek oil pump and cover, new Doghouse oil cooler and stand, new shroud and cylinder tins, new 51 amp alternator kit, new 09 distributor, Bosch coil, heavy duty 7MM silicone wires, new fuel pump assembly, aluminum oil filler w/screw on cap, aluminum degree pulley, chrome bolt and dual carburetion.

*SS 1641 with dual 34 EPC Carburetion...$4,208.00
*SS 1776 or 1915 with dual 34mm EPC Carburetion...$4,350.00
*SS 1776 or 1915 with dual 40 or 44mm Empi HPMX Carburetion...$4,599.00
*SS 1776 or 1915 with dual 40 or 44mm Weber IDF carburetion...$4,975.00

New Super Street stroker Turnkey's

Same as our Super Street 1776-1915 with the following upgrades:
***New Heavy Duty Aluminum "SUPER~CASE",filled in behind #3 Cylinder for extra strength, Shuffle Pinned, Full-Flowed, 4340 Chromoly Stroker Crank, Balanced Stroker Rods, 044 Heads,& Balanced Stroker Piston Kit...

*SS 2110-2275 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,129.00
*SS 2110-2275 T.Key with dual 44 IDF Webers...$5,499.00

*2110=82MM Crank X 90.5MM Pistons

*2275=82MM Crank X 94MM Pistons

*SS 2332 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,199.00
*SS 2332 T.Key with dual 44 IDF Webers...$5,579.00

*2332=84MM Crank X 94MM Pistons

*SS 2387 T.Key with dual 44 HPMX carbs...$5,279.00
*SS 2387 T.Key with dual 44 IDF Webers...$5,649.00

*2387= 86MM Crank X 94MM Pistons


*044 Performance Heads w/40x35.5 SS valves and mild street port+$495.00 Pr.
*044 Pro Street Mini D Ported and polished Heads w/ 42x37 SS valves and Dual springs + $595.00 Pr
*H-beam 5.5 Chevy rods w/ARP rod bolts + $175.00
*Straight Cut Steel Crank and Cam Gears + $125.00 (Dee Engineering)
*4 Pc. Engine Tin Kit...+$75.00 (Powder coating available)
* GT 2 Tip Exhaust w/J-Tubes...+$80.00
* Single Quiet Pack Exhaust...$95.00
* Dual Quiet Pack Exhaust...$169.00
*Merged Exhaust for more performance also available
***Many Exhaust Options Available,Fat Boy,A-I,Ceramic Coated,Etc.,...Ask!!***
* New Stock Clutch Kit/Installed...+$110.00
* SF 1700# Clutch Kit...+$139.99
* Kennedy 1700# Clutch Kit...+$179.00 The Best for this application & Driveabilty
* German Release Bearing...+$45.00
* Pertronix Electronic Unit...+$75.00 OR...
* Pertronix Electronic Ignition Distributor...+$150.00
* 1 1/2 Qt.Deep Sump...+$69.50
* Full-Flow Case & Oil Pump w/Fittings & Cover...+$75.00 OR...
* Filtered Oil Pump w/Filter...+$45.00
* Chromoly 13 LB. Balanced Flywheel...+$67.50
* High-Rev Single Valve Springs...+$25.00
* Dual Valve Springs & Chromoly Retainers...+$90.00
* High-Performance Aluminum Push Rod Tubes...+$40.00
* Billet Hex Bar Linkage & Air Filter Kit (CB Perf.)...+$75.00
...Installation Available by appointment only...

***Too Many Options to list such as exhaust systems, external oil cooler kits, racer engine balance, and many other engine upgrades available, call or email for options & prices.

Note: Any super street turnkey with redline, fully programmable fuel injection kit + $2,800.00

Each Engine Sold outright, with our 12 month - 12,000 mile written warranty!


For immediate assistance please call: (541)862-7015 or E-Mail Mark at: Thank You for visiting Strictly Foreign - VW Engines and Transmissions.

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