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Since 1984 Strictly Foreign has been building New Zero Mile stock & PERFORMANCE Longblocks for our VW customers. Each new longblock is built with care, and carries our exclusive 12 Month~12,000 Mile Warranty at No Extra Charge!! We are not a mass production builder so each longblock is built to order, not pulled off the shelf. Call or email us today and order your Zero-Mile Longblock, that will run great and last for many years to come. Each Longblock Sold Outright/No Core Needed!!

Our New Zero-Mile stock longblocks include:

New dual relief case, new studs and hardware kit, New 69mm crankshaft and gears, rebuilt 5.4 balanced VW rods, all new bearings, new cam and lifters, new pistons and cylinders, new dual port heads, new steel pushrods and tubes, rebuilt 1.1:01 VW rocker assemblies, new flywheel and gland nut, new stock or aluminum valve covers, new oil screen and plate, new Shadek oil pump and cover, all new gaskets and seals, new oil switch and Bosch spark plugs installed. The flywheel has been installed with a high quality red silicon flywheel seal and the gland nut has been lock-tighted and torqued to factory specs. We go one step further and hand lap in every valve to their corresponding valve seat to insure proper valve seating. We also hand lap every cylinder to the corresponding head  combustion chamber to insure no compression loss between the heads and cylinders..."Our LB's are built right the first time."

*Stock 1600 Longblock......$2,650.00
*Stock 1641 Longblock......$2,695.00
*Stock 1776 Longblock......$2,895.00
*Stock 1915 Longblock......$2,935.00


100 cam and bolt-on gear.

*Econo~Street 1600 Longblock......$2,725.00
*Econo~Street 1641 Longblock......$2,770.00
*Econo~Street 1776 Longblock......$2,970.00
*Econo~Street 1915 Longblock......$3,010.00


Our most popular longblocks that we have been building for our VW customers since 1984,have been our Super~Street series units. Each SS Performance longblock is built with all the new parts as in our stock longblocks, but with the following performance upgrades...

*New heavy duty aluminum Super Case shuffle pinned, filled in behind #3 cylinder, and chromoly head studs *New 69mm Counterweighted Crankshaft *New I-Beam Balanced Rods *New Street performance Camshaft and Aluminum Gear *Double Thrust Cam Bearings *New 044 Big Valve Heads (40X35.5 valves) *New High-Rev Single Valve Springs *New Solid Rockershaft Kit w/Swivel Adjusters *New 13 LB. Flywheel with 8 Dowel Pins *New Chromoly Gland Nut

*Super~Street 1641 Longblock......$3,195.00
*Super~Street 1776 Longblock......$3,295.00
*Super~Street 1915 Longblock......$3,335.00

Many Options Available Including Big Valve Performance Heads, Full-Flow Case and Oil pump or HD Pump w/Oil Filter, Racer Engine Balance, Straight-Cut-Gears, Etc....


When the need for more POWER & TORQUE than our Super Street 1915's put out, a stroker engine is a must. This is why we offer our SS Stroker longblocks for our VW customers with a heavy foot. These Stroker Longblocks are built like our SS 1915's but with the following upgrades and more performance parts...

*New heavy duty aluminum Super Case, shuffle pinned, filled in behind #3 cylinder *chromoly head studs
*New I-Beam Rods, Stroker Clearanced and Balanced
*New 044 Heads with 40mm Intake and 35.5 Exhaust Stainless Valves, High-Rev Springs, and 3 Angle Performance Valve Job
*New 3/8 Chromoly Push Rods
*New A&A Stroker Pistons and Cylinders, Balanced with Grant rings

*Super~Street 2007 Longblock (78X90.5)......$3,450.00
*Super~Street 2110 Longblock (82X90.5)......$3,495.00
*Super~Street 2165 Longblock (78X94)......$3,545.00
*Super~Street 2275 Longblock (82X94)......$3,595.00
*Super~Street 2332 Longblock (84X94)......$3,645.00
*Super~Street 2387 Longblock (86X94)......$3,695.00

Many High performance options available, call or email for your custom quote.

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